StartX Founders Highlighted on Forbes 30 Under 30 List 2015


When Forbes publishes its annual 30 Under 30 list, the StartX community starts buzzing. Today, with 12 of our founders selected as finalists, we have a lot to talk about!  It is truly a distinguished class, spanning 20 categories including Healthcare, Energy, Music, Media, Venture Capital, Law, and etc.  We congratulate you all!

A team of judges in each category had the difficult task of narrowing down about 600 young professionals whose achievements, impact, and potential are noteworthy.  Forbes says, the whole process stretched from October to December last year. At StartX, we see many extraordinary founders in our application process which takes place 2-3x yearly, so we can imagine how tough it might be to start from a huge pool of outstanding individuals and narrow that down to find people that are really standouts.

Nevertheless, we’re thrilled and appreciative that Forbes made the effort to highlight their incredible stories. This year, we’re especially excited that StartX Founder Cameron Teitelman was named in the Venture Capital category. Teitelman began working on our nonprofit in his junior year at Stanford in 2009.  With a strong, steady vision and passionate leadership, he’s made a huge impact on accelerating the pace of innovation and the professional development of more than 450 entrepreneurs. In 2013, he launched the Stanford StartX Fund, which has invested $25 million in StartX startups to date.  The portfolio at large includes close to 200 startups that have raised $450 million in funding.

Below is a list of our founders, their companies, and list category, as featured by Forbes:

Jason Bellet, Eko Devices – Healthcare

Alice Brooks, Roominate – Manufacturing & Industry

Laura Borel, Nutrivise (Jawbone) – Food & Drink

Tyler Crouch, Eko Devices – Healthcare

Alexander Haro, Life360 – Consumer Tech

Dmitri Gaskin, Branch Metrics – Enterprise Tech

Pieter Gunst, LawGives – Law & Policy

Connor Landgraf, Eko Devices – Healthcare

Greg Mulholland, Citrine Informatics – Energy

Awad Sayeed, Pixlee, Marketing & Advertising

Cameron Teitelman, StartX – Venture Capital

Kyle Wong, Pixlee – Marketing & Advertising

Forbes says it envisions the 30 Under 30 distinction as a “positive and idea-exchanging club whose alumni can connect to share ideas,” with each other and others in the Forbes network. It even has an app just for alumni to help boost networking and swap ideas.  Last year, more than 1000 alumni gathered for the 30 Under 30 Conference in Philadelphia.  The conference for the 2015 contingent is scheduled for the Fall.